KZYX&Z Radio Show: Good Ancestors and Local Treasures with Corine Pearce!

Airing the first Monday of every month at 9:00AM Pacific Time on KZYX&Z, Mendocino County’s Public Broadcasting Station, Corine’s show “Good Ancestors and Local Treasures,” features interviews with local Native peoples, talking about everything under the sun.

Corine’s most recent show featured Eastern Pomo Artist Meyo Marrufo, educator, curator, and activist, discussing the recently opened exhibit “Gathering Time” Pomo Art During the Pandemic” at the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah. The exhibit represents the very first time – in the Museum’s 36-year history – to feature a collection entirely composed of contemporary Pomo art.

To hear a special ‘Tea Time with Auntie’ show from September 2022, where Corine discusses the new Pomo art exhibit that recently opened at the Grace Hudson museum which was curated by Meyo, as well as basket weaving, traditional food and the importance of true inclusion and representation of native culture, visit this link.

To listen to her July 2022 conversation with family wellness advocate Katie Ray, an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes, along with Priest Martinez, tribal council member, community organizer, and cultural educator member of the Little River Band of Pomo Indians in Redwood Valley, visit this Spotify link.

To listen to her September 2021 interview discussing the Jules Tavernier and the Elem Pomo exhibit at the deYoung Art Museum in San Francisco, which featured the historical and contemporary baskets of Corine and other Lake and Mendocino County Pomo weavers, visit this link.

The exhibition, as its title suggests, will look not only at the work of French painter Tavernier but also the art, culture and regalia of the Elem Pomo peoples of Northern California who are depicted in Tavernier’s painting “Dance in a Subterranean Roundhouse at Clear Lake, California,” a centerpiece in the exhibition.

“‘Jules Tavernier and the Elem Pomo’ is part of the Fine Arts Museums’ ongoing efforts to partner with Indigenous communities, scholars and curators on exhibitions and permanent collection presentations that explore Indigenous cultures and works of art,” FAMSF Director Thomas Campbell told The Chronicle.

Excerpts from the SF Datebook article by Tony Bravo.

To listen to her October 2021 interview with Pomo basketmaker Silver Galleto and Singer Bernadette Antoinette Smith, visit this link.

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